Friends of WearPatch

The realisation of this brand did not come easy but would’ve been an impossible job without the help of some friends. We have grown very fond of the following group of people and love to tell you more about them!


Rob Hoefakker & Auke Rick Akkerman

These two bosses single-handedly build and designed our website through which we could reach out to the world! This dynamic duo worked and delivered greatly from day one.


Marc Voogens

Sympany’s amazing logistic systems makes it possible for us to receive sweaters and fashion waste to begin with. The first steps of our story are all in the honest hands of Sympany.

Atelier Miya

Mia Stik

Mia helped us improve our products with her love for clothes. With her many years experience she developed a natural feeling for clothes and can spot a improvement from a mile away.

Wijkatelier op Rotterdam Zuid

Annet van Otterloo

When times are hard, Annet and her amazing team will always stand ready to help. Her team is a great help when the pressure is high.

Photostudio Studio 8

Yvonne Weijers

Without the support of Yvonne our photos would have been rather amateuristic. Their photostudio in Amsterdam is has enabled us to create even more than we dreamed of.

To-mu Photography

Tom Kluyver

Tom can turn any chaotic mess into a beautiful shot. Give him just a little bit of you and he will turn that into the magic you have been searching for from the moment it was just an idea.

Jurian Gravett - Cinematographer

If you are looking for a storyteller who knows everything there is about filming you have to call Jurian. He turns a simple brainfart into a full featured blockbuster which will be loved by many.

Tomas van Harten

Tomas has mastered the art of precision videography documentary. Give him a videocamera and he will capture that moment you always try to tell everyone about, but couldn’t.

Errol McCabe - Actor

Errol is a handsome, professional, acteur who’s is willing to go the extra mile. Even if it’s mid December, he will make you feel like it’s a nice and warm day in August on the screen.

Sam Rijswijk - Freerun Model

It doesn’t matter how small the room is, with Sam no space it to small to fill an entire screen. This deticated athlete is as trustworthy as it can get when it comes to professional work.

Fabian Weydema - Dance Model

The intens moves Fabian can pull are simply amazing. He can jump time and time again untill the exact shot is made, he’ll tweak even his left eyebrow the get the right shot.

Augele Maria - Dance Model

Everybody knows the legend of that person that always looks good on camera. Well, now we know it is about Augele. Her smile in combination with her body results in the legend.

Yoko Haveman - Dance Model

Her sense of timing and amazing flexibility make her an amazing model to capture on camera. She is able to bring out the most awesome dance moves at a perfect angle without effort.

Paula Broersen - Freerun Model

There are little to no female freerunners as capable as Paula to perform in front of the camera. Her balance and strength create all the time you need for that perfect shot.