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Ideal for any kind of Sunday. Our first sweatpants was co-designed with our community. Based on their feedback we focussed on the seams and fit, to give you full freedom of movement and make you look great while walking, jumping, running and well... pretty much doing everything.

WearPatch sweatpants with loose fit

Loose fit

Ideal for those crazy moves when your song is played.

WearPatch sweatpants with elastic bottom


Preventing being tackled by your own pants.

WearPatch sweatpants with deep pockets

Deep pockets

Transport large object while keeping your hands free.

WearPatch sweatpants with ropes


Increase the customizability in comfort and fit.

WearPatch sweatpants with strong seams


Strong seams to make every stretch move able.

WearPatch sweatpants secret pocket

Secret pocket

Contain all your valuables while doing the handstand.


Keep your behind and your pets comfortable. This colorful and remarkable yet simple pillow is made from our production residues making every pillow unique in look and feel.

WearPatch pillow with patched design

Patched design

Made up from matching squares and triangle cut-outs.

WearPatch pillow with recycled inside

Recycled inside

Filled with all the smaller production residues.

WearPatch pillow size


36CM x 36CM X 7CM
Good things come in small packages.


Protect your gear in style. The sleeves will protect your most valuable gadgets while making it a perfect conversation starter.

WearPatch sleeves are easy to close

Simple closing

Prevent the laptop from sliding out in your bag or hand.

WearPatch sleeves are one size

One size fits all

Stretchy material and shape fits laptops from 13” to 15”.

WearPatch sleeves come with a free phone sleeve

Free phone sleeve

Because your laptop will feel lonely without his little buddy.